Who We Are

Feya Foundation works to feed the world and connect communities through volunteer service. Feya Foundation was established in partnership with Feya Candle Co. in 2019 to expand on the company’s current philanthropy efforts.

812 million people in the world lack access to enough food to sustain themselves. In 2014, Feya Candle Co. began donating the cost of one meal for each candle sold. They partnered with organizations like Jacob’s Well, Fresh Start, and Kids Against Hunger to provide meals and basic items such as soap to communities that need assistance. As of July 2020, Feya has donated nearly 57,000 meals and 800 bars of soap to people in Haiti, Nicaragua and the United States. The creation of Feya Foundation builds upon the efforts by strengthening existing relationships with communities that are already being served and expanding to new regions that also struggle with consistent access to basic necessities. By 2025, the foundation hopes that it can provide one million meals per year.

Feya Foundation’s team manages the distribution of donations and provide new avenues to raise funds. Feya Foundation has also begun to partner with other local businesses to provide meals through the same model as Feya Candle Co.. Akira Coffee, a subscription-based coffee company, has already agreed to partner with the foundation by donating a meal for each coffee order. As more businesses partner with Feya Foundation, donations and awareness of the foundation both increase.